Entrepreneur & Store Owner

I am the owner of Just Games Rochester, the top-rated local tabletop game store in Rochester, New York. I have owned or operated four e-commerce websites, four previous local stores, and managed nearly every level of game design and fulfillment.

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Outdoorsman, farmer, teacher, falconer

Farming is where I’m from, and it’s where I’m going in the future. I love being outside, tramping around in the woods, and there’s always a part of me suspicious of my cell phone. At the same time, I have worked as a professor and teacher, and love sharing my passions with others. As a falconer, I live outside my own head – it is always about the bird, it’s hunt and health, and how I can better serve her as a companion in the field.

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Geek, fencer, archer, rider, hobbyist

When I’m not working on developing a new product or community, I go horseback riding, shoot, fence, or game. I dabble in a lot of these, but I’m always ready to learn new things about each.

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Who I am and what I do

I like working independently, I’m keen to learn new things, and while my memory for information isn’t great, I’m quite good at finding answers when I need them. I like to work for myself, though not necessarily by myself. While I enjoy solo projects, I also tend to seek out input, especially when working in an area that is new to me.

I believe that local businesses should focus on their local communities, and give back by volunteering, donating, and serving. If your community is good enough to support your company financially, your company should return the favor whenever and however you can. I believe that people should use all their skills, and then learn more. I believe if you can’t find work doing what you love, then find something else to love, and remember that you work to live a rich, full life.

I’ve won awards and scholarships for my work, and you’reĀ  welcome to Google my name to see some of them – put “Matthew Vercant” in quotes, I’m the only person with my name. This site is more about getting to know me, what I’m working on, and what I’ve done in the past.

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