Magic Artist Proofs

A gallery of past and present Magic: the Gathering Commander decklists made from painted or sketched artist proofs.

While I don’t play often, deck lists are a way for me to keep some rails on collecting miniature paintings on the back of Magic cards. They’re also a way for me to explore new artists whose work I haven’t seen yet. Card appears in a lot of lists around a theme I like? Guess I’d better learn about that artist. Many of these were picked up over the years as a way to thank artists for participating in events at Just Games, or helping us advertise a big charity event like Commander Sealed.

Birgi's deck in a wooden box

Birgi’s Approach Artist Proof Commander Decklist

This deck is all about dragons, and fire, and making lots of mana to make dragons… and sometimes we just Thrumming Stone + Dragon’s Approach the whole table if they’ll let us, which maximizes the chances to show off art!

Mari, the Killing Quill Artist Proof Commander Decklist

This deck list started because Rob Rey’s Mari caught my eye at a show, and then as I started to look at which artists I would need to contact to build the deck, I got pretty excited about how many did neat inks or something. So it started as an “all inks” deck, but very quickly I caved and got other things in it.

Soraya the Falconer Artist Proof Commander Decklist

Obviously, I’m making this deck.

Fynn, the Fangbearer Artist Proof Commander Decklist

In 1 v 1 games, or games that devolve into 1 v 1, this deck is grossly unfair. And just showing up at the table with poison counters puts a big ol’ target on you. But it opened up so many artists that I loved that I could search out and add to my collection, so I’ll take the hate.